Disaster! I Bought a Big Rig Semi and It’s Already Broken!

On episode 150 of Finnegan’s Garage, Mike Finnegan bids farewell to his giant ramp truck, Lincoln Hawk. After recent road trip he discovered that there wasn’t enough room in the engine compartment to swap a bigger diesel engine into the truck, which meant he didn’t have enough power to tow the trailer he had just bought. So, he sold the big red chevy kodiak square body ramp truck and bought a 2004 Freightliner FL112 semi converted into an RV by a company called Showhauler.
This video is about the purchase and first road trip in the truck, which ended in disaster when the onboard freshwater storage tank leaked 75 gallons of water into the interior of the Toterhome, ruining the carpet and wood floor. Don’t worry, we are well on our way to repairing the truck in anticipation of a cross-country drag boat road trip!
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