Better Late Than Never

I’m always late to arrive at revolutions… I missed the communist revolution entirely. I showed up like a week and a half too late to the Pepsi revolution. I don’t even know what a dance dance revolution even is. But, here we are, extremely late to the BLOGGING REVOLUTION. I know may be like 15 years behind the times when it comes to blogging, but I ain’t even giving a fuck. I’m gonna blog like nobody has blogged before right here on my very own blog that sends blogs right straight into the blogosphere.

I don’t know whats going to happen and quite frankly, I’m a little frightened by the uncertainty of it all. Technology is a terrifying prospect. All those wizardy wires and circuit beep-boopers are unpredictable. I once heard that a kid was killed when his shirt got caught in the gears of his blog. I was told the fucking thing tore him to shreds. That’s not going to happen to me though, I have a ten point safety plan in place and all the requisite safety gear (helmet, welding gloves, florescent safety vest, flare gun) to protect me while I venture out into the blogosphere.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it. May god have mercy on my soul.


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